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Get your app ideas up and running in no time. We have apps ranging from FOOD DELIVERY, PARCEL DELIVERY to VIDEO CONFERENCING mobile apps

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Build & Launch without problems

Do you want to launch your own custom app like:

  • Food/Grocery Delivery
  • Parcel Delivery
  • Video Conferencing

Food/Grocery Delivery

Get production ready mobile app for your food/grocery delivery solution at an affordable price. NO HIDDEN CHARGES

Parcel Delivery

Need an app solution for your parcel delivery business? We have a ready to deploy mobile app solution

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing solution mobile for your need. Comes with option to enable/disable google ads

Custom App

Do you have a custom mobile app solution/idea in mind? Contact us for custom app development to bring your idea to life


Choose from our apps

Select/buy the app tailored for your business/app idea. Get it up and running in few clicks and save yourself 400hours+ of development time


  • Food & Grocery delivery
  • Parcel delivery
  • Service booking


  • Food delivery
  • Admin Backend
  • Customer, Driver & Vendor app


  • FREE Video Calling
  • Private & Public Meetings
  • Google Ads

Choose from our sdks

Select/buy the sdk tailored for your business/app idea. Get it up and running in few clicks and save yourself hours of development/research time

Face Recognition SDK

  • Our Face Recognition is when a computer detects a Face using Face detection and then identifies the person's name or identity using a previously stored database of Face attributes.

  • There are two types 1:1 comparison & 1:N comparison.
    Face Match API does 1:1 Comparison easily. Two faces can be compared to determine if they belong to the same person.
    You can use the Face Match API by activating our premium plan

  • Our SDK Requires a bit more computation from Developers but gives you more control over your data storage.






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Awesome and clean..easy to learn structure code design by this app..good job edentech


Product Development

Great customer support for this project!


Product Designer

thanks to @nithesh_10, @EdenTech, and everyone in the discord community that tries to help each other, it is the best solution to make support using discord. The app itself is the best you can get from Codecanyon for a delivery type of app, the dev @EdenTech always listen to feedback and try to help everyone as much as he can, special thanks to @nithesh_10 for helping me with the installation, it was very fast and the guy himself is very friendly.


Product Development


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